Taste of Absinthe


Absinthe Liquor

Make Your Own Absinthe

Make Natural Absinthe and Save $50-$100 Per Bottle
($650-$1,300 per essence bottle)

Make your own absinthe with the same ingredients that we supply to the liquor industry. Mix essence, sugar, and vodka (or any neutral spirits) to create a natural absinthe. You do not have to pay US$100-$160 for a good bottle of absinthe: one that perhaps contains the same essence you will use.

Absinthe tastes so good that it was removed from the French wine industry. Using lobbying and dirty tricks, they managed to get absinthe banned in most countries throughout the world. This is why absinthe is very rare today.

The wine industry claimed that one went insane from the thujone in the absinthe. There is thujone in our natural essence, but no more than in Wormwood Vodka, Jagermeister and similar liquors. You do not go mad from drinking absinthe.

The most legendary drink in the world

Absinthe is the most mythical of all drinks. It tastes better every time one drinks it. It has a taste like mild Pernod with a hint of wormwood. The pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste is easily remembered. Absinthe was the favorite drink of Picasso, Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, Gaugin, and Cezanne. It was the drink of many world leaders and other famous people. Among others, General P.G.T Beauregard sometimes relaxed over a drink of the green fairy.