Taste of Absinthe


Absinthe for Bars, Restaurants and Night Clubs

Absinthe, "The Green Faeirie," is the most mythical of all alcoholic beverages. Almost all artists, actors, writers and intellectualls know about absinthe and it is sometimes a part of their image to drink absinthe. Absinthe is a must in every well-assorted bar, especially as it is very difficult to find in stores.Absinthe tastes very good, like Pernod with a hint of Wormwood. It opalizes when adding water, making a light green, milky and appetizing appearance. Each time one drinks absinthe it tastes better and better.

Unique concept.By mixing the absinthe yourself you get the liquor industries' and trades' profit for yourself. Any absinthe in this Prestige class would have cost from $50 to $100 more per bottle - which now is yours.

To mix the essence, a little sugar, and neutral spirit or vodka is a piece of cake for any bartender.

To serve absinthe is easy. Customers drink neat or with water. Some customers want to mix it with a carbonated soft drink. One can also serve absinthe the classical way, by slowly pouring water over a spoon containing sugar.

Superior quality made from natural ingredients only.
Our absinthe essence is made from 22 different herbs and spices. Most widely known are star aniseed and wormwood. We do not know of any absinthe essence that is better - if we did, we would be selling it. This is the same essence that we sell to absinthe manufacturers worldwide.

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