Taste of Absinthe


Chapter 2 Page 10

Before describing the Pernod & Sons factory, recognized by experts as a model establishment, a few words about the fabrication processes employed there. One starts by macerating, in spirits distilled from wine, grand wormwood, melissa with a delicate aroma, fennel of Gard, and anise of Tarn or Andalusia. After this maceration comes distillation, which is done in a double boiler heated by steam. This process is slower than distillation by direct steam, but quite preferable in that it avoids burning and does not allow the heavy oils to become entrained with the alcohol saturated with the aromatic principles of the plants. Part of the product of distillation is then sent to special apparatus called colorators, with hyssop and petite wormwood, to obtain a concentrated product which is used to color the absinthe.