Taste of Absinthe


Chapter 4 Pages 27 – 29

Let us tour this important factory. The main building measures 88 meters long by 20 meters wide. Before and behind it stand large halls covering more than 2,000 square meters, intended for shipping and receiving; they are equipped with docks and railways connecting the factory to the station. Two vast warehouses, one east and the other west of the main buildings, and accessed in the same ways, are intended, one for the raw materials and provisions which require processing, and the other for goods packed for shipment; the eye sounds with pleasure the vast perspectives formed by the regular accumulations of bot-tles, the bundles of herbs and seeds, the cases prepared for the filling of orders.

Spacious, solidly vaulted cellars occupy the floor under the buildings. The central structure which houses the distillery forms on the ground floor a single room 22 meters by 20 by 4-1/2 meters high; the ceiling is supported on strong iron crossbars supported by four cast iron columns. The visitor is struck by the majestic aspect of this section, where 26 large stills and 22 colorators capable of producing twenty thousand liters of absinthe a day are symmetrically arranged. Two steam generators supply the distillery; a third supplies the turbine which is turned by the Doubs (river), in case repairs are needed to the turbine or water is exceptionally low. The nominal force of these three generators is 250 horsepower.

Atop the distillery is the storeroom where the plants and seeds are measured out; using a carriage covered by a fabric sleeve and traveling on rails, they are easily distributed to the equipment. On the right and left sides of the storeroom are the stores of anise and fennel. As we said, distillation is done using double boilers heated by steam. Through the years many modifications have been made to the distilling equipment; these perfections, now completed, make it possible to distill under the best conditions.

All these features of the production of the Pernod factory are carefully monitored; it is this full-time care, along with the scrupulous selection of raw materials, which brings the constantly growing fame enjoyed by its products in France and abroad.