Taste of Absinthe


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: How many mg of thujon does your essence contain?
A: Mixed, following recipe a 700 ml bottle will contain 35 mg thujone, Absinthe 55 will contain 55 mg.

Q: Your instructions indicate to add sugar when mixing...does one then not drizzle over a sugar cube when serving?
A: It is very little sugar in the recipe, you pour it over a cube of sugar anyway.

Q: Do Absinthe need to be refrigerated or room temperature?
A: Keep in room temperature as star aniseed oil and aniseed oil are so hard to soluble in alcohol, cooling can make them separate out.
Best if you make the Absinthe 60% by mixing with Everclear or similar, always mix with minimum 45% (90 proof) vodka or any neutral alcohol.

Q: Do I get mad or brain damage by drinking this Absinthe?
A: No, its is first of all, maximum 35 mg/700 ml bottle allowed in Germany and else were. Second, that is a myth, made up by the French wine industry. Absinthe taste so great that it once competed out the whole wine industry, who used dirty trix and lobbying to get Absinthe banned, claiming one get mad from drinking it.

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