Taste of Absinthe


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It is primarily absinthe which is the target of their efforts; it is it upon which they hang their blanket accusation, and which they proclaim as the cause of all the evils that afflict humanity. In addition to the reprobation which they slap other alcoholicdrinks, absinthe, if you believe certain characters among them, is guilty of special crimes for which they create special columns in the newspapers; by the fact of the plants which compose it, it apparently constitutes a true poison and, in support of these statements, they announce strange recipes containing all manner of ingredients, which have only one error: to be without any connection to the manufacture of absinthe, at least as it is practiced in the

House of Pernod Fils. However laudable the objectives of the absinthe detractors, it doesn’t authorize them to disguise the truth and to represent the drink as the product of a malevolent chemistry, whereas its components are honest plants, all well known, whose beneficial properties are universally admitted. How could the union of these inoffensive or salutary plants produce harmful effects? That, the adversaries of the green liqueur forget to explain, which is usually the case when passion derails logic. It is scientists, however, we must say, who want to discover toxic properties in various of the plants used to make absinthe;their reports made a certain amount of noise a few years ago and the Academy of Medicine resounded with the tumult of their discussions.