Taste of Absinthe


Pages 48 – 49

^ Apparatus for Measuring the Contents of Barrels and Carboys

Recent lawsuits concerning our best champagne houses reveal quite curious facts, and, extremely fortunately, an energetic repression has arisen to derail the schemes of many audacious shysters. The House of Pernod and Sons was not to escape the common law; for some years a number of firms have emerged, proudly raising either the name of Pernod, or a name which resembles it as much as possible. Did we not see a simple stable boy named Pernod making money by authorizing a manufacturer of absinthe in Drome to plaster his name on their labels!Even more recently a distiller of Doubs, under pretext of a contract signed by a traveling salesman named Pernot, seized the name and flooded Paris and the province with his product which, evidently, would have gone over with great difficulty without this trickery. The civil Court of the Seine, taking up the question, did not hold as legitimate this very ingenious procedure and prohibited its use. Its judgement will certainly be confirmed by the Appellate Court of Paris which will not be long in intervening.