Taste of Absinthe


The Beatiful Absinthe Label

This beautiful, four-color label is printed on a glossy, self adhesive paper. A high-gloss coating was added to give even more depth. The label is 90 x 90 millimeters, and was designed by Roger Abrahamsson, a Swedish grapic designer. It took nine full days to make this label - it is a work of art.

This is the label for the Classic Absinthe, there are different labels for each type of absinthe (you can se all labels in the shop), all beautiful.

You get 14 labels for free when you buy the set (enough for 14 bottles). You can refill your bottles many times, and you may want to use some of the labels on other bottles and give them to special friends.

To make your own personalized Absinthe labels completely free, visit freelabelmaker.com

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